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About the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC)

Formed in 2006, the FTMRC (Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors) remains an important standard for roofing contractors and, by extension, their customers. Salmon Solutions is proud to be recognised as one of the founding members of this elite federation, and in this article, we’re going to explain exactly what the FTMRC does and why it’s so important.

What is the FTMRC?

Built around a proactive relationship with its members, the FTMRC works to ‘establish and then raise quality standards in metal roof design, specification and installation’. Consisting of 80 specialist metal roofing contractors and 19 associate members, the FTMRC provide a comprehensive range of resources and support to maintain a consistent standard of work across the industry.

With training schemes, vast amounts of technical support and specifications, member-specific insurance and more, the FTMRC works in the best interest of its members, accommodating the delivery of quality metal roofing installation on any project.

Key features of the FTMRC

Being a member of the FTMRC doesn’t simply add a new logo to your list of accreditations; the FTMRC supports its members in all areas of development, actively working to grow and establish businesses to be their very best. Here are some of the ways this is achieved:

  • Training – From NVQs to continued professional development, the FTMRC offer dedicated training to personnel working at all levels in the industry. This helps to maintain and develop an impressive skillbase for the industry, including new and established workers alike.
  • Technical support – Members can seek professional technical support to aid in the design and installation of aluminium, copper, zinc, stainless steel and galvanised steel roofing. Having this knowledgeable support readily available means any potential issues or gaps in knowledge can be solved quickly and effectively. The FTMRC also publish the ‘Guide to Good Practice’ — an essential guidebook and resource which collects technical specifications and presents them cleary alongside important codes of conduct — great for general reference and training.
  • Regular on-site inspections – The only way to ensure that FTMRC members are delivering installation to the expected, strict standards, is to have regular on-site inspections. Representatives of the Federation will regularly inspect and assess the quality of workmanship of members to make sure that standards do not slip, and that the roofing system is installed and designed to the highest possible standards.
  • Insurance-backed warranty – The FTMRC is able to offer a fully underwritten insurance-backed warranty to provide peace of mind for any installation.

Salmon Solutions and the FTMRC

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As a founding member of the federation, Salmon Solutions has seen the FTMRC grow and develop over the years from a first-hand perspective. Recently, Chris Salmon, the director of Salmon Solutions, became the current chairman of the FTMRC, which positions our company as a true metal roofing industry leader.

Not only do we provide specialist installation of high quality metal roofing systems, but we are intrinsically linked with the continuing development and improvement of the industry and the workmanship therein.

Salmon Solutions works throughout the UK to design and install metal roofing systems for commercial, industrial and domestic customers alike. We uphold the strictest industry standards and have the working support of FTMRC associate members to ensure each and every installation is as precise, effective, efficient and longlasting as can be. To find out more, simply contact our friendly team today.


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