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The Benefits of Zinc Roofing

There are various materials used for roofing, and depending on a variety of factors, certain materials are better suited to some properties than others. In this article, we’re going to talk about the various benefits of zinc roofing to help you decide whether it’s right for your property.

It’s eco-friendly

When it comes to production, zinc roofing requires a lot less energy than a lot of other metal solutions as it has a lower melting point. At the end of a roof’s useful life, or if the building needs to be demolished, the zinc can be recycled and repurposed. What’s more, the low toxicity levels of zinc means that water runoff will be clean, so it won’t damage soil and groundwater supply, which has wide-reaching benefits for the environment. 

It lasts for a long time

Zinc is very robust, which is an excellent quality to have in a roof, due to the ever present risk of corrosion; something which befalls almost all metal roofs at some point. Zinc, however, can resist corrosion – it’s actually used in the galvanisation of steel and iron to protect those particular materials against rusting. It is also resistant to UV light, so you don’t have to worry about the sun’s rays damaging it. Furthermore, it has ‘self-healing’ qualities; it reacts with water and oxygen to form a patina layer, which helps to repair scratches. An interesting fact: many buildings in Paris still have their original zinc roofs intact from the 18th century. 

It looks good

A superficial yet important aspect of a roof is how it looks on a property, and zinc looks fantastic when used in the right way. Some of the most modern buildings use zinc for roofing and cladding due to its attention-grabbing, striking look. With bespoke colours and finishes available, and the fact that it’s easily workable means that it can be used for intricate roofing and cladding designs as well as simpler ones. 


A zinc roof installed by a reputable, reliable roofing company can last for over 100 years, and roofing companies don’t get much more reliable than Salmon Solutions. As members of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC), and with over 25 years of experience, we’re a trusted, skilled provider of zinc roofing services for customers around the country. For more information, please contact us today.


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